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Review | Refresh Hand & Nail Cream from Seascape

Hand cream is probably one of the body care products that I use the most. I hate it when my hands feel rough and yukky, so always have a tube of something nice and nourishing nearby to use whenever they are.

I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Seascape, to see if I would like to try a couple of products from their range. And one of the products I chose was the Refresh Hand & Nail Cream.

The packaging is really pretty - it's in a cream tube with a picture of a seahorse coloured in with flowers (if that makes sense) and I think that once you've seen the packaging for this brand you'll most definitely remember who they are!

This particular hand and nail cream contains 100% natural essential oils of Jersey Lavender to soothe and calm, Lemongrass to tone and refresh and Geranium to balance and cleanse the hands. It is also enriched with Beeswax and natural Shea Butter to nourish the skin and cuticles.

The scent to this is really nice. Not overpowering at all. I can definitely smell the lemongrass above everything else, but I don't mind because it's so lovely. The cream itself is very thin, but a little goes a long way. One of the first things that I noticed when I used this is that it sunk in to my skin super-fast and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy at all which is really nice. I think that this is probably my favourite hand cream at the moment (and believe me, I have a lot).

I also like that this uses products from Jersey! I went there with my mum and dad as a little girl and really enjoyed it. It's an absolutely stunning place that I would like to go back to one day with my own family. My favourite memory of Jersey is of riding a pony. We went round and round this field and I loved it. At the end I sat on the pony and posed proudly for a photo. But when we got home and mum had the film developed (that makes me sound so old) all the pictures came out black with a white line down the right hand side. Goodness knows what had happened!! I also remember having an icy cold glass of milk from a Jersey cow and thinking that it was the nicest milk I'd ever tasted in my life ... isn't it funny what we remember?!

Oops, I got a bit carried away there guys, I do apologise. The hand and nail cream retails at £10 and in my opinion it's definitely worth the money. Although I kindly got mine to review on Confessions of a Secret Shopper, I would most definitely repurchase it with my own money if I lost it or ran out :)

Overall this is a great product and a fantastic brand - I will definitely be picking up some of their other products in the near future.

Seascape Refresh Hand & Nail Cream - £10.00 ||link||

Have you guys tried anything from Seascape before?
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  1. I have literally just lined up my hand cream and cotton gloves to give my hands a serious overnight moisture blast. This product sounds gorgeous - defo one I would try.
    Love Vicky

    1. Ooo, a fellow hand cream lover :D Yay!

      PS: This is fab. You must try it ;) xx

  2. This sounds like a fab product! Pity I've already got tons of hand cream to wade through...x

  3. Sounds & looks so good and at this time of year I could do with some .x

    1. Yeah, the cold weather is rubbish for hands :( xx

  4. Fantastic advice, especially for those of us who type all day long. Keeping our hands fresh and moisturized is such a much needed treatment. The ingredients we apply to our skin is equally as important, I will be checking out that link! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Having been introduced to Hand Chemisty hand cream I doubt I will find anything to beat it, though like you, I go through a lot of hand cream x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I haven't tried that one before! I really should :D xx

  6. I love the Gold Bond ultimate cream and healing lotions. I agree - crusty skin is not nice (nor do you feel feminine unless your skin is silky smooth and soft.)

    It was nice of them to give you a tube to try. :)

  7. Sounds like a great product. I use the Vasoline products and really like them. Also, interesting site you have here. Best wishes for the new year.

    1. Ooo Vaseline is amazing. We use it for pretty much everything in our house!!xx

  8. I've never heard of this before now, thanks for sharing!



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