Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tag: I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here | Part 2

Hey guys.

You may remember last week that I took part in the lovely Rochelle and Natasha's 'I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here!' tag? Well, this week I'm back to post my answers to Part 2.

I know that Rochelle and Natasha have worked really hard creating this wonderful tag for us to do, so I'm sure they'd appreciate it if you went and had a little looksie at their awesome blog if you have the time. You can find them over at Next-Route-Style :)

And now ladies and gentlemen, let's see what's in store on tonights 'I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Heeeeerrrreeee!'

Firstly congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial and your reward is a makeover from a professional make-up artist. What look would you choose and why?
Why thank you! I think I would like to look quite natural, but ask for the bags under my eyes to be concealed ;)

It’s time to wash – ok so it’s not in a luxury shower or a bath but you do get a choice of one soap/shower gel to use. What would you choose and why?
I would have to choose my all time favourite body wash: Naked's Ooh La La. It smells delish!

Today is the arrival of a new camp mate, yay! You get to decide, it can be anyone this time. Who will you choose and why?
It would have to be my friend, Michelle. She's awesome and would lift my spirits. A cuppa and a good chat with my Shellabelle would just be fab.

It can get a little boring in the jungle and you’re feeling sluggish. What one fitness exercise would you do?
Just a few simple stretches I think. I can't do much because of my Scoliosis anyway so this would be better than nothing!!

How would you create your own jungle fashion style?
I would ask nicely for some animal print fabric and make myself a sexy lil cavegirl outfit ;)

What is your favourite Australian product and why?
I don't know if I've ever tried any Australian products to be honest. I'll have to pass on this one ...

Good news, the camp has won the treasure chest hunt! In need of something sweet, each camp mate wins their own cupcake. What would yours be?
I'd ask for a vanilla one. I'm a bit boring when it comes to cupcakes!!

Challenge – bush tucker trial number 2, ‘the jungle hair & beauty salon’. You’re sitting under a vintage hair dryer and instead of hot air being blasted out you are greeted by 10,000 creepy crawlies. Which creepy crawlies would you detest the most and which ones wouldn’t you mind?
I can't say I like any creepy crawlies! But I would endure them to win food for the camp.

Hope you like my answers!

Are you watching this years 'I'm a Celebrity'?
Who do you think is going to win?

Louise xxx

This month my Platinum Advertiser is Bells Shoes,
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Vicky :) The girls did a great job with it xx

  2. Replies
    1. Lol Rachel. It's a great tag isn't it?!xx

  3. I would so make a cavegirl outfit too. I'm not watching this year because, this may make me public enemy number one, but I do not love 'Joey Essex' but I do love Ant n Dec! So hopfully Ill be back watching next year xxRSxx

    1. Aww I don't love Joey either. I am cheering lovely Kian on :D
      And I so know what you mean about Ant & Dec. Hehe xx

  4. Such great fun, just like the first part of the tag! Love your answers!

  5. Brilliant tag and loved your answers :)

  6. Another great set of answers! Love answers 3 & 5, cave girl :-)

    Difficult one. Originally we thought Joey hands down but not sure at all who will win now. We do love Kian though. When he got to see his wife...tears in our eyes!

    Week 3 tag is now up for the big finale this week. Thanks for taking part & for your lovely comment; we're glad you liked doing this tag :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Haha, thanks :D

      I will do the final questions later on this week xx

  7. Keep the creepy crawlers to yourself! I detest them. LOL

    Great stuff, Louise!

    1. Lol! I don't think I'd like them, but I wouldn't want to let my camp mates down.xx

  8. You've NEVER tried an Aussie product? C'mon! Barossa Valley wine. Margaret River wine, vegemite (thought I'd best get off the wine), Cadbury chocolate? Try some of those - you'll be well pleased :)

    1. I have tried Aussie. But they're actually an American brand!!xx

  9. This is such a cute post! Really enjoyed it :)

    Ineffable Beauty

  10. ohhh I love the Aussie hair products. Smell so good! I'm with you on the cave girl outfit. I'll take one too!

    1. We can all dress as cave girls :D xx


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