Monday, 11 November 2013

Mummy Monday: Goldilocks and the Array of Pushchairs

I have a bad history with prams. As in, I am yet to find the perfect one.

It's been 10 years of parenting and I still haven't hit the Holy Grail of prams. Because of this, I've been through a series of them. I guess I'm kind of like Goldilocks when it comes to prams. They've either been too heavy - meaning that I couldn't sit baby on my hip while I put it up. Or they've been too light - sending my shopping flying when I've lifted baby out of it. (This happened recently when my sister-in-law Lucy and I went for a coffee in McDonalds. I'm surprised that the jars of baby food I'd just picked up in Boots didn't smash to smithereens as hit the floor, eek).

Back in 2003 when I had Stacey, the travel system type prams were all the rage, so off I toddled to my nearest Mothercare store and handed over a ridiculous amount of money for one. Now, it was an absolutely gorgeous turquoise colour and looked fantastic when assembled. I even bought the matching change bag. I was so pleased with myself. It was only 3 or 4 weeks after Stacey's birth that I realised I'd made a huge mistake. The pram was heavy and I struggled to put it up by myself, I hardly ever used the car seat attachment because I don't drive and would have rather sawn off my own arm than ask anyone for a lift. And last but not least Stacey hated it - with a passion! Epic fail on my part. After going through a few different pushchairs I eventually bought her a cheap, pink buggy that she adored. But I didn't like that one much either ...

Earlier in 2013 when Oscar was still a little bean in mummy's tum, Nathan and I needed to pick up a pram for him. I had an idea of what I wanted - something a little more 'old fashioned' where baby could lay flat and I could keep an eye on him. Nathan on the other hand, had different ideas. Nathan's specifications were that it had to be cheap and it had to be one that would last him a good few years. We ended up choosing a Mamas & Papa's pushchair that I now regret a little. The brake on it is rubbish and whenever we're on the bus and someone bumps into it (they always do - I don't know why, it's not that big) it sprags and stops the back wheels from moving. It's actually quite embarrassing. I think I may have to save up for something a little better.

I recently came across and article about choosing the right pushchair and boy, do I wish I'd read it sooner! It explains that you should consider 3 key things when thinking about purchasing a pram or pushchair:
  1. Your child's needs
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your budget
I would definitely recommend having a read if you're on the hunt for a pram at the moment.

When choosing our next pushchair, I want to go into an actual shop that specialises in prams and buggies so that I can road test one before I buy. And I most definitely won't be letting Nathan talk me into buying something that I don't really want!

Have you guys ever had any pushchair problems?
Or do you have a pushchair recommendation for me?
I'd love you hear from you :)

Louise xxx
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  1. My son is 8 months old and I currently own 7 prams and pushchairs and none of them are perfect! When I had my daughter in 2000 I had an Emmaljunga which I adored but the current models are a bit dated.

    1. Aww that's shame :( You'd think they'd want to move with the times a little bit, wouldn't you?xx

  2. it is always a hard choice to pick a correct pram ... most of us never get it right

  3. Erm well... though I don't have children I would probably go for number 4 x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I like the look of number 4 :)
      I also noticed that Hayley had reviewed the second one as well and it actually looks quite nice. The only thing is, I think Oscar would look like a giant in it lol xx

  4. I have been sat here trying to remember the name of the pram I had as a kid. It was a really expensive one and I remember my mum pushing my brother around in it too. Very vintage looking, but I can't remember sorry, (helpful right?).

  5. Me and my sister all had Silver Cross prams growing up. I love the Blue one though, even though it does look the least car friendly out of them all. xx

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)
    Help Me With My Hair Style Dilemma

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