Thursday, 14 November 2013

Magnitone Pulsar Trial - Day Six

Why hello there! How are you guys today? how's it going?

Today is my final day of the Magnitone Pulsar trial! You may be thinking that I'm only only day 6 but my next post is going to be a full review of the product. Originally I was going to post that tomorrow, but I might hold off until next week or you'll be all Magnitoned out!!

If you've missed any of the previous five days posts and don't know what the heck I'm talking about, then you can have a little catch up on them by clicking here, here, herehere and finally here.

And now, let me talk about my final days trial with the Magnitone Pulsar:

So, today I used both the Active Clean Brush Head which is designed for use on the face, and the Body Cleanse Brush Head which is designed for use on the body. I'm still using the sensitive setting on my face at the moment as I don't want to irritate it due to it being a little tender. It doesn't seem quite as sore today as it has been, but I'd still rather not take any chances!

Magnitone Pulsar Trial - Day Six:
Guess what? Six days in and I'm still running on the first charge! It's a miracle. I really wasn't expecting that. Especially as I've used it on my face twice a day for the past six days and on my arms and legs every other day.


Have I noticed any difference to the condition of my skin?
Well, my skin still feels really clean and looks all firm and glowy which is a good thing. Over the past couple of days though I have noticed that the small dry patch that I have on both sides of my face seem even drier than ever. I don't know if this is because I'm using the Magnitone Pulsar or because I switched from a regular cleanser to a foaming cleanser when I started using this product as I assumed they would work better. Of course, it could be a mixture of both. I have a fair few points on my Boots Advantage card at the mo so I think I am going to invest in some Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion in the hope of retaining some moisture during the day.

And how about on the body?
There's nothing different I can say about using this on my body - it works well and I'm happy to take it in the bath with me without having to worry about accidentally dropping it in the water!!

Is there anything else I think I should add?
I didn't have time to shave today to see how I fared with the Magnitone Pulsar afterwards. However, I will ensure that I do that before writing up my final review!!

Magnitone Pulsar - £129.99 ||link||

That's all for my Magnitone Trial guys :(
I will be back soon with a full review
Thanks for reading

Louise xxx
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  1. Well, I guess for the body it must be great, but as I tend to have dry skin and you said you saw some dry patches, I think I'd better be careful... I love products that make life more practical and more beautiful :) so I think for me this product will be used on the body, I found it cool! And who doesn't want a firmer skin? Great review! denisesplanet com

  2. how does it compare to clarisonic? Also, is it better to use with a cleanser or dry?
    Thanks xx

  3. Can you tell me if it comes with a minute timer like the Clarisonic?

  4. For the dry patches I would 100% recommend the Origins drink up overnight mask. Its expensive at £22 but it works wonders. Plus full size is 100ml but if you buy the gift set containing 3 different masks, you save a tonne as they are all 75ml. Its called Mask Marvels or something and is only £25


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