Sunday, 27 October 2013

Awesome Advertisers: October


Hey guys, how are you all today?

Since October is drawing to a close, I think it's time to introduce you to the four lovely ladies who have been gracing my sidebar this month ...

My Platinum Advertiser this month is Kim from What Kimmy Tried Next.
You may recognise this blog as Kim has now advertised with me for a few months now.
Unfortunately, as I mentioned last month Kimmy has been poorly recently and hasn't been blogging much.
As she's written a post to tell her lovely readers why, I can now share the good news with you ...
Kim is having a baby! Eek, how exciting. Since What Kimmy Tried Next hasn't been updated
much recently, I won't repeat what I've said before as it will get boring for you guys,
but I can tell you that it's a very well written site, with gorgeous pictures.
And if you'd like to follow Kim's journey through to motherhood then I'm sure
she'd really appreciate a follow :)

My Gold Advertiser this month is Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks.
Hayley's blog is one that I check on a daily basis as I love seeing the gorgeous pictures that
she posts of her baby son, Tyne. Hayley's blog is full of different posts such as Dressing the Baby,
Beauty Posts/Reviews and lots of fab (and frankly, quite scary) ghostly posts.
Hayley has recently blogged about her Maternity Pay coming to an end
and her hopes for the future. I found this very interesting to read as I'm in a
similar position to her regarding this. I can go back to my job in a local bookies, but I
don't want to leave the kids. It's such a difficult decision to make.
If you don't already follow Hayley's fabulous blog then I highly recommend that
you go and check it out! 

Emma has been one of two Silver Advertiser's this month after winning a
spot for being my Facebook 'Fan of the Week'.
Emma has two blogs, and Handbags to Change Bags is her mummy blog.
Over here, Emma talks about her two gorgeous children, Riley and Summer, and we
get to see all the awesome stuff she does with them.
Recently, Emma has started to write up lots of fabulous Christmas posts, which
I'm really enjoying, and there's a fab giveaway going on over there as well!

My second Silver Advertiser this month is Rachel (aka Lizzie, as someone once sent her an e-mail saying
"Dear Elizabeth" Maybe they think she's the real queen)? from Beauty Queen UK.
I absolutely love to read Rachel's blog, particularly her extremely in-depth reviews.
What makes them even more special is the fact that they're not the exact same products
that you see on every other blog. So refreshing.
What's more, Rachel's legs even appeared in the Sun last summer! Swit swoo ;)


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Thanks for reading :)

Louise xxx

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