Friday, 13 April 2012

Fragrance Friday

Ok, I know that So ... ? Fragrances are aimed at under 25s - that's the great thing about them, but I occasionally buy the odd scent for myself. (I'm only a couple of years out, who's going to know?)

So ... ? Brit is the latest one to hit my collection. I'm not sure when this was released but I only managed to find a bottle in Boots yesterday despite looking for a few weeks now. I am pretty sure this is going to be a limited edition with it being the Jubilee this year! Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong guys.

So ... ? You're wondering if I like this, I can tell! I absolutely do. It's really sweet and has a mix of 'old fashioned' and 'new style' scents such as English Rose and Peony, Amber, Cranberry, Vanilla and Iris. If you saw my Fragrance Friday post from a couple of weeks ago you will know that I am loving Peony at the moment!

So ... ? Brit is available from the So ... ? website, and a 30ml bottle will cost you just 6.00. Bargain

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