Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Body Shop Wishlist | PLUS Current Discount Codes

Body Shop Wishlist
Hey there shopaholics!

It's no secret that I like to shop. It's probably a good job that I don't have an endless supply of money or I'm not sure where me and the kids would sleep at night. But there are times that I just have to give in to that shopping temptation. And that's when there's a good deal to be found!

At the moment, there are one or two of these 'good deals' on at The Body Shop.

The first one is that if you buy 4 products you can get 40% off or if you buy 2 products you can get 30% off. All you have to do to qualify for this offer is to enter the word PICK at checkout, or download a special voucher to use in store.

In addition to this, if you're a Quidco user, you can earn 15% cash back on all online purchases and 3% on all in-store purchases with a receipt upload. What a total bargain!

The second one is that you can get £10 off orders over £20 online by entering the code 14667 at checkout.

And of course, there's free standard delivery on all orders of £30 or more, so with all this in mind, I've picked out quite a few things that I'd like to try from The Body Shop. Although I'm going to be a good girl and only buy 4 things. Or maybe 5 ;)

When I was in town I had a little wander round The Body Shop and this was one of the products that I had a sniff at. And all I can say is wow. It just smells absolutely delicious. I think if I got my hands on this I'd neglect all my other body products for a while though. Oops.

Although I'm familiar with The Body Shop's bath and body care products, I'm yet to try their makeup range! I've had my eye on the Shimmer Cube Palettes in Warm and Pink varieties for rather a long time now!

I noticed recently that The Body Shop have a brand new serum-in-oil product that sounds really intriguing! They say that it absorbs fast and doesn't leave skin feeling at all greasy, and it helps skin look fresh, rested and more radiant ... something I feel I could do with right now. I've already added this to my virtual basket.

Another product that I'm yet to try is BB Cream, and that's something that's now been around for ages! I like the sound of this particular one as one shade suits all and I've read some pretty great reviews of it as well.

Chocomania Soap | £2.00
If there's one item from The Body Shop which I'd really want to repurchase it's the Chocomania Soap! It smells divine (like chocolate funnily enough) and it has exfoliating beads in which do a great job of removing dead skin from my arms and legs. Love it!!

Mango Body Mist | £7.50
At the moment I'm really enjoying the smell of mango. I think it's down to it being one of Oscar's favourite flavours. I don't usually buy body mists as 9 times out of 10 I end up just chucking them out after a few years of gathering dust. But I'd still like to try this one.

And last but certainly not least is the Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask. I'm a big fan of face masks but I've always been a little put off by how this one looks. However, looks can be deceiving and the lovely Fleur De Force highly recommends this so it's got to be worth a try.

Do you have any favourite Body Shop products?
As always, I'd love to hear from you.

Louise xxx

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Mummy Monday | Mum-to-Be Gift Guide

Mum-to-Be Gift Guide

Hey there shopaholics!

Recently one of my closest friends, Michelle, announced she was pregnant with twins. As she'll be way to busy to enjoy any 'me time' for a while after the birth, I decided to pick up a few little presents for her to use while she still has the chance. And as always, I thought I'd share some of my gift ideas with you guys.
1. Boo Boo Luxury Mummy Spa Gift Set
As someone who enjoys taking a nice long, hot bath or shower, I would have totally appreciated this gorgeous Luxury Mummy Spa Gift Set while I was pregnant with Oscar! It contains a trio of truly lovely products which are safe to use when pregnant. Bliss!

Boo Boo Luxury Mummy Spa Gift Set - £39.95 ||link||
2. Cussons Mum & Me Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Shampoo & Conditioner
During both my pregnancies my hair really suffered. It just looked dull and lifeless and was falling out at the slightest touch. Cussons have a range of 'bump' products for mums-to-be and I think the moisturising shampoo and conditioners would make a great gift for a pregnant friend in need of some hair TLC!

Cussons Mum & Me Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Shampoo - £3.65 ||link||
Cussons Mum & Me Smooth & Glow Pregnancy Conditioner - £3.65 ||link||
3. Baroo Nursing Pillow
When pregnant it can be really difficult to get comfy when sat in a car or armchair. This nursing pillow from Baroo would be great to support mum-to-be's neck and shoulders, and once baby arrives, it can be used as a feeding cushion and for tummy time. A truly multi-functional product!

Baroo Nursing Pillow - £19.99 ||link||
4. Baby Powder Yankee Candle
This candle smells just like Johnson's baby powder! I love the scent and burnt this quite a lot when I was pregnant with Oscar last year. I'm pretty sure most mums-to-be would love to receive one of these as a gift!

Baby Powder Yankee Candle - £19.99 ||link||

5. Yummy Mummy Notebook & Pen
Once baby has arrived, mummy will forget just about everything, so a 'Yummy Mummy' notebook and pen is perfect for her to start writing lists of things she needs now, and will most definitely come in handy after!

Yummy Mummy Notebook & Pen - £5.95 ||link||
6. Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil
If your pregnant friend is having trouble sleeping, then the Soothe Sleep Oil from Seascape is the gift for her! I love that this comes in a rollerball form for easy use, and is fragranced with pregnancy-safe essential oils.

Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil - £10.00 ||link||

7. Lily Charmed Lucky Star Necklace
If you're looking for something a little prettier to give to the mum-to-be, then a necklace from Lily Charmed could just be what you're looking for! They have some absolutely stunning designs. I personally love this 'lucky star' necklace, but there are literally loads of others to choose from.

Lily Charmed Lucky Star Necklace - £26.00 ||link||

Do you have any other suggestions for mum-to-be gifts?
If so I'd love to hear from you!

Louise xxx

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Review | Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara from Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a brand that I'd often heard mentioned in the beauty world, but had never tried myself ... until now that is!

A couple of weeks back I was kindly sent their Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara in shade 01. Noir to road test and I'm finally ready to give my verdict on it :)

Now, mascara is something that you don't hear me talk about very often. I think I'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't really 'suit' it. I just find that with my stubby little lashes it's too hard to get them looking nice by applying mascara so 9 times out of 10 I don't really bother. Especially since my all time favourite was discontinued! I also have a lazy eye, so my lashes always look odd when I apply mascara.

Anyway, when the Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara arrived I instantly fell in love with the packaging! The tube is black and very sleek looking, with the Yves Rocher logo sitting prettily on the lid of the product. It's just lovely.

The first thing that struck me when I opened the mascara however, was just how big the wand was! Eek. I've never been a fan of big wands if I'm honest. I think it's just the thought of poking myself in the eye with them that puts me off. But I'm pleased to announce that the size of this wand doesn't hinder the application at all. In fact, I think it probably helps.

The bristles of the wand are incredibly dense, which seems to help grab every lash. I think this also helps the mascara to not get too clumpy - something which I hate with a passion!

I love the colour of this mascara, and overall I think it does a really good job. The lashes on my right eye always look nice when I use it, although I still have a lot of difficulty trying to get my left ones to look the same. I'm sure you'll have noticed that from my photo's!

I would definitely recommend this product to all mascara lovers out there as it's certainly one of the best in my collection, doing exactly what it says on the tube. And the best part is that this mascara can often be found at half price. Bargain!

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara - £18.00 ||link||

Have you ever tried this mascara before?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Louise xxx

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*Product kindly sent for review purposes 

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