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Review | Hotel Chocolat 'The Splat' White Chocolate Egg

Hey there shopaholics!

There's only 4 days till Easter. Have you bought your eggs yet? If not there's no need to panic as the lovely people over at Hotel Chocolat have got your back ...

If you order online by 3pm on Saturday 19th April and select their free Click & Collect or Same Day Delivery services you will get your Easter eggs and treats by Easter Sunday. Hurray!

Today I'm going to tell you all about one of their delicious Easter Eggs that I tried out recently, and it's called 'The Splat' White Chocolate Egg. Sound like something you'd like? Then read on so I can tell you more :)

'The Splat' is described as a high-cocoa white chocolate egg with a cheeky caramel chocolate splat. I love the bright, springtime coloured packaging and the egg itself just looks wonderful. I'm sure you guys will agree!

The egg itself is fairly large and I just love the amount of detail that's gone into making the 'splat'. On the outside of the egg it's mostly white chocolate with a caramel coloured splat, but on the inside you can see that the two are mixed together. And this makes for an absolutely divine taste experience!

If you're not a fan of white chocolate, don't be put off! To me, this didn't taste like white chocolate usually does. Oh no! It definitely has more of a smooth, delicious caramel taste with just a hint of chocolate. I really liked it. And so did Nathan and Stacey. Even baby Oscar tried a few pieces and made it clear that he wanted more. Bless him.
As well as the White Chocolate Egg with a Caramel Splat, there are also 3 other varieties in the range. All of which look and sound as equally delicious as this one. Yum!

Hotel Chocolat 'The Splat' White Chocolate Egg - £12.50 ||link||

Have you ever tried Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs before?
If so, let me know what you thought of them.

Louise xxx

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I would like to apologize for overusing the word 'delicious' throughout
this blog post. I just couldn't think of a better one. Sorry!!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review | Revolution Vodka Bar Nottingham Cornerhouse

Hey there shopaholics - I hope you're well?

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that on Saturday I headed into Nottingham with my lovely friend Jo, and we went for a meal at the Cornerhouse's Revolution Vodka Bar.

It's been a while since I last went out for a meal with anyone over the age of 10 so it made a really refreshing change. Today I'm going to let you know what we thought of the restaurant as a whole, the food and the service we received. So sit back, relax, and let me tell you all about it ...

The Restaurant
When we entered the restaurant it was clear that it was lovely and clean. I'd heard they'd recently had a revamp and the decor is just lovely. It reminded me of being in a little place somewhere in New England. It most definitely has an American feel to it, and I really like that.

The Food
It was clear from looking at the menu that the food is also American inspired. Think succulent, meaty burgers, pizza's with plenty of topping, Mac 'n' Cheese and even Burritos. I liked that as well as the regular main meals, you could also choose from a section called 'small plates', which is great for people like me who only have a small appetite.

I have to admit that I found it hard to choose what I wanted to eat, as everything sounded so delicious! In the end though, I opted for a Pulled Pork Sandwich. This was a brioche bun piled high with chipotle pulled pork, served with skin-on fries and house slaw. I even ordered a side of onion rings to go with it!

The presentation of my main meal was just fantastic. The fries were served in a mug, which made them easy to pick at and the onion rings were in there own little bowl.

I have to say that was super-impressed at how much meat came on my sandwich! Usually, I find that restaurants skimp on meat but that wasn't the case at Revolution! It was absolutely delicious, and the bun was buttered which I was amazed at. I've had so many dry sandwiches in my lifetime that I was over the moon with this. Even though the sandwich itself wasn't that big, I found myself cutting it into four bite-sized pieces so that I could eat it without dropping the pulled pork everywhere. I would have been gutted to have lost any.

The skin-on fries were also really nice and I thought that serving them in a mug was just genius - it made it so much easier to pick them up and eat them.

My friend Jo went for something called 'The Skinny', which is a breadless burger! This came with either sweet potato wedges or house salad and a vodka salsa. Apparently it really was as delicious as it looks on the plate above. I couldn't help but pinch a bit of sweet potato wedge (I know, I'm really naughty) and it was just out of this world. Yum!!

For dessert we both opted for the Warm Chocolate Brownie, which you could have with either cream or ice-cream. It was lovely and gooey I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who claims to be a chocoholic!

Other desserts on the menu included Key Lime Pie, New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Mess Sundae to name just a few.

The Service
During our meal at Revolution I felt that the service was brilliant. We were given the right amount of time to look at the menu, the staff were polite and friendly and were really helpful too. The only slight disappointment I felt at all was that we were asked twice if we like a coffee or a cocktail and both times I asked for an espresso and it never came. I think the waitress was struggling to understand my Mansfield accent though!

Overall I think the Revolution Vodka Bar at Nottingham's Cornerhouse is a fabulous place to eat and I would most definitely visit again. It's perfect for both cosy nights out with a loved one or for partying with your friends. I thought the prices of the meals were just right for the portion sizes and there was so much choice that I'm sure even the fussiest of eaters would be able to find something on there that they liked.

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for having us!!

Have you ever eaten at a Revolution Vodka Bar before?
I'd love to know what you thought!

Louise xxx

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*We were kindly provided with two free meals for review purposes

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mummy Monday | Review | Kids Academy App

Hey there shopaholics!

Last week I downloaded a great pre-school app for my little ones called 'Kids Academy' and today I thought I'd tell you guys all about it...

The app is free to download and has lots of interactive games that teach things such as numbers and the alphabet. The game itself is really easy to use and is one of the brightest, most colourful ones that I've seen. It certainly captures everyone's attention!

This educational app is based on Montessori style learning and the free version has a numbers game, a letters game and a quiz type game for children to play. There are many other games which you can unlock by making an in-app purchase, but at the moment we have decided to just stick to the free version. I've no doubt that we will upgrade in the near future though.

This app most definitely helps kids improve on their number and letter recognition, as well as learning about phonics. And best of all they think it's just a game and have no idea that they're learning at the same time. Brilliant!

We have all enjoyed playing this game and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone with children aged 5 and under.

Of course, our favourite part of this app is when we get things right and we're rewarded with an 'Excellent' or a 'You rock'.

Overall we think that the free version of Kids Academy is fantastic fun, providing little ones with a truly great learning experience. It gets 5 stars from us!!

Kids Academy App - free ||link||

Have you ever tried this app before?
What do you think?

Louise xxx

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